IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT TURNS 30!!!  Schedule a vacation day. Make arrangements for a babysitter. A historic celebration is set to take place in Sparta, and YOU ARE INVITED.

For the first time in over 24 years, ALAN AUTRY (Capt. Bubba Skinner), ANNE-MARIE JOHNSON (Althea Tibbs), and DENISE NICHOLAS (Harriet DeLong-Gillespie) will reunite together in Sparta (Covington, GA) this August to celebrate the 30th-anniversary of IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT’s first and second seasons’ debut. This will be the FIRST-EVER REUNION featuring more than one main cast member from the greatest Southern crime drama ever!

The ITINERARY for this two-day event is as follows:

  • FRIDAY, AUGUST 3rd 2018
    Attend a FREE screening of Alan Autry’s latest film VICTORY BY SUBMISSION. This screening will mark the film’s very first showing in the great State of Georgia.
  • SATURDAY, AUGUST 4th 2018
    MEET & GREET (Alan Autry, Anne-Marie Johnson, and Denise Nicholas)
    THE 30th-ANNIVERSARY SHOW (General Admission)

For details and tickets, visit:


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