The underlying theme that runs through this section is that we should support our stories – the serious, the silly and the substantial… we own our history, our culture, the ebb & flow of our journey…. and it’s not one thing.. it’s as much a rainbow of themes as we are a rainbow of people.

Negro Ensemble Company 50th Anniversary Tribute

Negro Ensemble Company 50th Anniversary Tribute to Founders Robert Hooks, Douglas Turner Ward and Gerald Krone. The event was held at Ebony Theatre, Nate Holden Performing Arts Center, Los Angeles, Saturday, September 23rd, 2017.

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Will walk a mile to see Chadwick Boseman act in anything including reading from the phone book if that's his choice. After his stunning performances as James Brown in "Get On Up" and as Jackie Robinson in "42" what else? Here he is as a young Thurgood Marshall in...

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“Freedom Summer” Announcement on BroadwayWorld.com

When the hate and inhumanity of man against man makes it seem sometimes like the bad guys and bullies are winning, don’t fret. For there are always some who will stand up in the face of it, and with courage, love and a belief that we are better than that, prove the best of who we truly are…

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This film is written and directed by Matt Ruskin, distributed by Amazon Studios. The production entities are: Iam21 Entertainment, Washington Square Films and Black Maple Films. Lakeith Stanfield stars as Colin Warner, the Trinidadian youth who is falsely accused and...

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On Cutting Arts Education

One of my early pivotal experiences was a family trip to Puerto Rico where a relative was a professor at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras. On the trip, my relative chaperoned me around the island, educating me on the island, the culture, the people, the history. One of his favorite stops was an Art Gallery. His significant other was an artist who had paintings there. Lucky for me! I was stunned by the beauty of the paintings, the environment, the color, the approach to reality through a different lens. My relative must’ve had a streak of Guru-itis or a bit of Henry Higgens in his DNA as my next new exposure was to sit and listen to Mascagni’s CAVALERIA RUSTICANA. I’m grateful for the education.

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