A black man has dreams that are ignored by a cold and more often than not, racist society. He carries his pain home and inflicts his agony on his family, eventually seeking solace in the bed of a younger woman, whom he impregnates and in the process, nearly destroys his wife, his younger son and his long-standing relationships with others. He wants to win something that he dreamt of winning. This is the best he can do.

“Good” black women know this dance, spend lifetimes trying to assuage the pain of their men (a fool’s errand) and trying to not be destroyed in the process. This, my dears, is what racism is really about: destroying people, trampling on dreams, cutting out hearts AND DEMANDING THAT WE BE OK WITH IT. We’re not. It’s a sorry state of affairs. We walk on tight ropes. And every character in “Fences” is on a tight rope.

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“LOVING” Starring Ruth Negga & Joel Edgerton

A Film Written & Directed by Jeff Nichols This Oscar season has nearly been obliterated in MY mind by the recent election. My mood has been dark and fearful, like so many others. I love movies and don’t appreciate the intrusion of this wacky turn of events in MY...

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“What’s Past is Prologue”

Carroll O’Connor was Ireland to me. His love of language, literature and performance seemed to have been “fertilized” in the history and culture of Ireland. He was progressive, comfortable with diversity, pushing himself to be a part of the future rather than the past. He was a pioneer in so many ways.

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Does that not matter?

Been in a fragile recovery – trying hard to find a way forward. I’ve read pieces in The New Yorker, New York Magazine, Huffington Post, Daily Kos, watched some of SNL last Saturday night, have had many conversations with folks from coast to coast. I’m still in shock!

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“Underground Railroad”

“Underground Railroad” By Colson Whitehead. Please read this book. Reading black writers helps me put the madness of this week into a manageable hierarchy of human experience.

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Heading home to LA!

Did I know that Kansas City, MO was so lovely? No? Well it is! Spent 2 days with the MFA Theatre students and with Ricardo Khan and Sibusiso Mamba (South African writer/actor who now lives and works in London) doing an intensive on Freedom Summer 1964 and South African journey out of Apartheid- the basis for the new play we’re writing.

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